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Sliders in WLED


This page provides WLED programmers information on adding another slider to WLED. This information is not yet complete, as it doesn't yet deal with icons, EEPROM or IR. I will also be researching how to programmatically show/hide these sliders.

Updating html_ui.h

Please see on how to generate html_ui.h since the UI was changed in v0.10.0-alpha-lw.

The information below describes the way html_ui.h was generated before the UI change and is deprecated.

This file is compressed and is taken from data\index.htm. Please see Aircoookie's page on 'adding your own effect:

To serve your changes by the internal webserver, you will need to follow these or similar steps to gzip compress the index.html file:

  1. Gzip compress the file. I use this online converter, use setting Compress this file, output – gz
  2. Rename file to xxx.gz.png (change file type to image)
  3. Convert it to a C-style byte/char array. I use this converter, intended for image sprites. Therefore, the previous step of changing the file format was neccessary. Select Raw as Color format.
  4. Open the downloaded .c file in a text editor, e. g. Notepad++. Select the contents of the array and replace the array contents in html_ui.h with them.
  5. Update PAGE_index_L to the binary size stated in the bottom of the downloaded .c file Recompile and flash WLED!

Here's a link to my Google document containing the changes required: