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There are a few steps between an effect and it's physical presentation on a number of leds.

This are the basic steps:

  • The effect creates for each segment frame a number of pixels using setPixelColor where pixel(0) is left (2D top left) and pixel(length) is right (2D: pixel(widthxheight), bottom right)
  • Segments are mapped to a strip (2D: Matrix) again from left (top) to right (bottom). This is a logical mapping because the real wiring can be different (normally not in strips, but in matrix panels they are) - specify in segments tab
  • Logical strip (or matrix) is mapped to how they physically look. E.g. for matrix panels: where is the first pixel (top/bottom/left/right), how is the orientation (horizontal / vertical) and is it serpentine (or not). There can be multiple panels. - Specify in settings / 2D configuration

Optionally there can also be:

  • JSON Mapping: Mapping of 1D effects to 2D. Expand1D (Logical mapping)
  • Ledmaps: e.g. for custom setup using led strips, cubes or circles etc in a 2D layout. (Phyisical mapping)


  • All mappings use ledmap.json style mappings. JSON Mapping supports 2D coordinates, the others not. Will be harmonized
  • Peek should show Logical ledmaps, not physical ledmaps (except the now show pixels).


Below is in processing order

JSON mapping

AKA jmap 1D expansion: maps a 1D effect to a 2D pattern

From excel/vba image via /edit and image to matrix image

Files are here: JSONMappings

json files need to be uploaded to /edit. E.g. if filename is candle33.json, the name of the segment must be candle33 and expand1D must be jmap in order to run the mapping.

Segment to Logical

Maps segments to a matrix where (0,0) is always topleft and (width, height) always bottom right. Non serpentine

Panel layout

Takes into account Panel setup and Led panel layout as defined in 2D Configuration (e.g. 1st panel, 1st led, serpentine)

Code: uses customMappingTable


  • Shuffles leds
  • Both for 1 and 2D
  • Ledmaps override panel layout !!

Code: uses customMappingTable

See also Advanced/Mappings

Fork specific info

Feature WLED SR 0.13 MoonModules WLED 0.14 Upstream WLED 0.14
JSON Mapping No Yes No JSON mapping yet although it's based on an idea from AirCoookie
Segment to Logical Yes Yes Yes
Ledmaps Yes Yes Yes
Panel layout Yes Yes Yes