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2D LED Preferences

LED Preferences for Sound Reactive WLED

The sound reactive fork of WLED supports multiple layouts of a 2D matrix led panel as well as multiple identical 2D matrix led panels. Many effects were written with a 16x16 panel in mind, so some 2D effects may not display properly on a panel/matrix of a different size.

6 - 8x32 panels

2D Matrix

2D effects are projected on a 2 dimensional matrix.

A specific led is identified by led[x,y] where led[0,0] is in the top left corner (logical layer)

Setting name Value Range Description Master/Dev
Width 1..x Width of the matrix Master
Height 1..y Height of the matrix Master

Note: width x height should match LED count!

2D Panels

A matrix is made of 1 or more identical physical led panels (physical layer)

Setting name Value Range Description Master/Dev
Multiple panels Y/N No if only one panel, yes if more than one Dev
Horizontal panels 1..x Number of panels side by side Dev
Vertical panels 1..y Number of panels above each other Dev

Note: Panel width = matrix width / horizontal panels and panel height = matrix height / vertical panels

Note: Total panels = horizontal * vertical

2D Panel layout

Specify how a led panel is wired.

This is in most cases different from the logical layer (first led top left). Parameters here translate the logical layer (led[x,y]) to the physical layer (led[0] .. led[n]).

Setting name Value Range Description Master/Dev
First led position Top/Bottom & Left/Right Where is the first led positioned Dev (replacing flipmajor/minor)
Orientation Horizontal / Vertical Are rows of leds wired horizontal or vertical Dev (replacing rowMajor)
Serpentine Y/N Are rows of leds wired zig-zag or not Master
Transpose Y/N Swap the axes (otherwise no swap). Don't use on non-square panels Dev

Note: If multiple panels are used, they must be identical.


I have a 2D matrix of 6 - 8x8 panels. They are connected sequentially with a total of 24 led's wide and 16 led's high.

The first led of each panel starts in the top left corner, the subsequent led is to the right of it (horizontally), and the panel is in a serpentine layout. These should be the settings for that layout: