Version Info

Beginning in 0.14 up to 10 Custom Palletes can be uploaded.

PaletteID Name Description
0 Default The palette is automatically selected depending on the effect. For most effects, this is the primary color
1 Random Cycle The palette changes to a random one every few seconds. Subject to change
2 Color 1 A palette consisting only of the primary color
3 Colors 1 & 2 Consists of the primary and secondary color
4 Color Gradient A palette which is a mixture of all segment colors
5 Colors Only Contains primary, secondary and tertiary colors
6 Party Rainbow without green hues
7 Cloud Gray-blueish colors
8 Lava Dark red, yellow and bright white
9 Ocean Blue, teal and white colors
10 Forest Yellow and green hues
11 Rainbow Every hue
12 Rainbow bands Rainbow colors with black spots in-between
13 Sunset Dark blue with purple, red and yellow hues
14 Rivendell Desaturated greens
15 Breeze Teal colors with varying brightness
16 Red & Blue Red running on blue
17 Yellowout Yellow, fading out
18 Analoguous Red running on blue
19 Splash Vibrant pink and magenta
20 Pastel Different hues with very little saturation
21 Sunset 2 Yellow and white running on dim blue
22 Beech Different shades of light blue
23 Vintage Warm white running on very dim red
24 Departure Greens and white fading out
25 Landscape Blue, white and green gradient
26 Beach Teal and yellow gradient fading out
27 Sherbet Bright white, pink and mint colors
28 Hult White, magenta and teal
29 Hult 64 Teal and yellow hues
30 Drywet Blue and yellow gradient
31 Jul Pastel green and red
32 Grintage Yellow fading out
33 Rewhi Bright orange on desaturated purple
34 Tertiary Red, green and blue gradient
35 Fire White, yellow and fading red gradient
36 Icefire Same as Fire, but with blue colors
37 Cyane Desaturated pastel colors
38 Light Pink Desaturated purple hues
39 Autumn Three white fields surrounded by yellow and dim red
40 Magenta White with magenta and blue
41 Magred Magenta and red hues
42 Yelmag Magenta and red hues with a yellow
43 Yelblu Blue with a little yellow
44 Orange & Teal An Orange - Gray - Teal gradient
45 Tiamat A bright meteor with blue, teal and magenta hues
46 April Night Dark blue background with colorful snowflakes
47 Orangery Orange and yellow tones
48 C9 Christmas lights palette. Red - amber - green - blue
49 Sakura Pink and rose tones
50 Aurora Greens on dark blue
51 Atlantica Greens & Blues of the ocean
52 C9 2 C9 plus yellow
53 C9 New C9, but brighter and with a less purple blue
54 Temperature Temperature mapping
55 Aurora 2 Aurora with some pinks & blue
56 Retro Clown Yellow to purple gradient
57 Candy Vivid yellows, magenta, salmon and blues
58 Toxy Reaf Vivid aqua to purple gradient
59 Fairy Reaf Bright aqua to purple gradient
60 Semi Blue Dark blues with a bright blue burst
61 Pink Candy White, pinks and purple
62 Red Reaf Blue, aqua and red gradient
63 Aqua Flash Aqua gradient with a flash of yellow and white
64 Yelblu Hot Yellow, red, blue spectrum
65 Lite Light Faint white and purple
66 Red Flash Red gradient with burst of white in the center
67 Blink Red Dark blue to dark red gradient with burst of purple
68 Red Shift Vibrant yellow to blue gradient with magenta, purple and red
69 Red Tide Waves of yellow, orange and red
70 Candy2 Faded gradient of yellow, salmon and blue
71 Audio Responsive Ratio 🌜🎸 Dynamic palette based on FFT audio analysis - sets the RGB value based on the relative amplitude of different frequencies
72 Audio Responsive Hue 🌜🎸 Dynamic palette based on FFT audio analysis - sets the hue based on that frequency
73 Audio Responsive Ramp 🌜🎸 Dynamic palette based on FFT audio analysis - palette that starts with black, but color based on audio data
### Custom Palettes

As of 0.14, up to 10 custom palettes can be uploaded by the user in JSON files named palette0.json through palette9.json The format closely resembles that of the palettes defined in palettes.h with a position (0-255), red, green, blue for each color. An example of the content would be:

    0, 255,  33,   4, 
   43, 255,  68,  25,
   86, 255,   7,  25,
  127, 255,  82, 103,
  170, 255, 255, 242,
  209,  42, 255, 22,
  255,  87, 255, 65]}

Once a palette[0-9].json file has been created, it can be uploaded to the controller using the /edit page (http://[controller-ip]/edit). The controller must be rebooted (/win&RB) before the newly uploaded palettes will be available. After reboot, the custom palette(s) will be named ~ Custom [0-9] ~ in the Palettes section of the user interface.