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Auto Save

v2 Usermod to automatically save settings to preset number AUTOSAVE_PRESET_NUM after a change to any of: * brightness * effect speed * effect intensity * mode (effect) * palette

but it will wait for AUTOSAVE_AFTER_SEC seconds, a "settle" period in case there are other changes (any change will extend the "settle" period).

It will additionally load preset AUTOSAVE_PRESET_NUM at startup during the first loop().

AutoSaveUsermod is standalone, but if FourLineDisplayUsermod is installed, it will notify the user of the saved changes.

Note: WLED doesn't respect the brightness of the preset being auto loaded, so the AutoSaveUsermod will set the AUTOSAVE_PRESET_NUM preset in the first loop, so brightness IS honored. This means WLED will effectively ignore Default brightness and Apply N preset at boot when the AutoSaveUsermod is installed.


Copy and update the example platformio_override.ini.sample from the Rotary Encoder UI usermode folder to the root directory of your particular build. This file should be placed in the same directory as platformio.ini.

Define Your Options

  • USERMOD_AUTO_SAVE - define this to have this usermod included wled00\usermods_list.cpp
  • AUTOSAVE_AFTER_SEC - define the delay time after the settings auto-saving routine should be executed
  • AUTOSAVE_PRESET_NUM - define the preset number used by autosave usermod
  • USERMOD_AUTO_SAVE_ON_BOOT - define if autosave should be enabled on boot
  • USERMOD_FOUR_LINE_DISPLAY - define this to have this the Four Line Display mod included wled00\usermods_list.cpp also tells this usermod that the display is available (see the Four Line Display usermod for more details)


You can also configure auto-save parameters using Usermods settings page.

PlatformIO requirements

No special requirements.

Note: the Four Line Display usermod requires the libraries U8g2 and Wire.

Change Log

2021-02 * First public release 2021-04 * Adaptation for runtime configuration.

Fork specific info