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Future Directions

We've had a lot of fun creating our audio reactive fork of WLED, and we've got more to come.

Wish List

Topic Notes Skills Required
✔️ Dynamic sliders/controls Allow additional sliders to be hidden by default, or displayed depending on the effect. Javascript, XML, JSON, HTML, CSS
✔️ Improved default values for sliders Allow improved default values for sliders and on a per SEGMENT basis. Javascript, XML, JSON, HTML
Add 2D Library support Add a full 2D library for FastLED functionality C, System
✔️ Add SEGMENT support for 2D Improve SEGMENT capabilities Everything
Improved/documented QA process We need to be able to better test our significant updates. A test/release plan would be a good start. ITIL
Coordinated light show To have delayed/coordinated lighting effects in different devices. To run on Android. Kotlin (for Android), C
Multi-pin To support SR WLED with SEGMENTS and multi-pin
per-device squelch + gain see
for users who configure several sound inputs (use one at a time) it might be useful to have squelch/gain settings for each device.

Our focus for new functionality should be specific to sound reactivity. Otherwise, we should get some idea as to if/when AirCoookie is planning to implement this functionality.

Outstanding Issues

Issue Notes