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Non-Reactive Animations

Note 1: Due to its limited capability, we have disabled 2D animations on the ESP8266 platform.
Note 2: The 2D routines require a minimum of 4 pixels in both directions. If you see blinking red, your 2D settings don't match the requirements. (not required in latest dev)
Note 3: As we continue to develop SR WLED, some animations may appear or disappear. It's still a work very much in progress. Some may only appear in the dev branch for now.
Note 6: In dev branch, sliders have been renamed from FFT Low to Custom 1, FFT High to Custom 2 and FFT Custom to Custom 3.

See also Reactive animations

See List of effects and palettes for AC Animations.

See ScottrBaileys GIF visualizer for animations of the effects

Effect Description Sliders
⚙️ ARTI-FX Define your own effects, see here No controls (yet)
Flow Stripe Strip with rotating colours. Speed: Controls a speed timer
Intensity: Controls another timer
Perlin Move Using Perlin Noise for movement. Speed: Speed of elements
Intensity: # of pixels
FFT Low: Fade rate
Wavesins Beat waves and phase shifting. Looks OK in 2D'ish as well. Speed: Speed
Intensity: Varying brightness
FFT Low: Starting colour
FFT High: Range of colours
FFT Custom: More fun to adjust

2D Colored Bursts Multiple lines. Speed: Speed of lines
Intensity: Number of lines
2D DNA A very cool DNA like pattern. Select a palette. Speed: Scroll speed
Intensity: Blur
2D DNA Spiral Spiraling DNA pattern. Speed: Speed.
Intensity: Frequency
2D Drift A rotating caleidoscope. Speed: Speed of rotation.
Intensity: Blur
2D Fire2012 Mark Kriegsman's fire routine. n/a
2D Firenoise Using Perlin Noise for fire. Speed: Yscale.
Intensity: Scale
2D Frizzles Moving patterns. Speed: One thing
Intensity: Another thing
2D Gameoflife Scrolling game of life. Speed: Speed
Intensity: Starting grid
2D Hiphotic A moving plasma. Speed: One direction
Intensity: Other direction
2D Lissajous A frequency based Lissajous pattern. Speed: Frequency of cos
Intensity: Frequency of sin
2D Matrix The Matrix in 2D. Speed: Affects the speed of the movement
Intensity: Number of lines
2D Metaballs A cool plasma type effect. n/a
2D Plasma A plasma effect. Speed: Affects the speed of the movement
FFT Low: Shifts the colours
FFT High: Distance from the plasma
2D Plasma Ball A ball of plasma. Speed: Speed.
2D Polar Lights The northern lights. Speed: Speed.
Intensity: Frequency.
FFT Low: Palette rotation
2D Pool Noise Looking at a pool. n/a
2D Pulser Travelling waves. Speed: Speed.
Intensity: Blur
2D Sindots Moving/rotating pattern. Speed: Speed.
Intensity: Length/size
2D Squared Swirl Boxes moving around. fft3: Blur amount
2D Sun radiation The sun! Doesn't support segments. Speed: Variance
Intensity: Brightness
2D Twister A large twister. Speed: Speed
Intensity: Phases
2D Tartan tbd
2D Julia tbd
2D Game of life tbd
2D Black hole tbd
2D Noise tbd

2D Clock Overlay

To configure, go to Time & Macros setting

Time setup: fill in required parameters

Clock: Clock overlay; Analog Clock, check Show 5min marks, uncheck the rest

2D Animations

Oh, and special thanks are in order for urish for creating wokwi, Elliot and his team for soulmatelights and Stepko and ldirko for some awesome 2D animations. With their approval, we were able to convert and publish several of their animations to use with WLED.