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Temperature usermod

Based on the excellent QuinLED_Dig_Uno_Temp_MQTT usermod by srg74 and 400killer!
Reads an attached DS18B20 temperature sensor (as available on the QuinLED Dig-Uno)
Temperature is displayed in both the Info section of the web UI as well as published to the /temperature MQTT topic, if enabled.
May be expanded with support for different sensor types in the future.

If temperature sensor is not detected during boot, this usermod will be disabled.


Copy the example platformio_override.ini to the root directory. This file should be placed in the same directory as platformio.ini.

Define Your Options

  • USERMOD_DALLASTEMPERATURE - enables this user mod wled00/usermods_list.cpp
  • USERMOD_DALLASTEMPERATURE_FIRST_MEASUREMENT_AT - number of milliseconds after boot to take first measurement, defaults to 20000 ms

All parameters can be configured at runtime via the Usermods settings page, including pin, temperature in degrees Celsius or Farenheit and measurement interval.

PlatformIO requirements

If you are using platformio_override.ini, you should be able to refresh the task list and see your custom task, for example env:d1_mini_usermod_dallas_temperature_C.

If you are not using platformio_override.ini, you might have to uncomment OneWire@~2.3.5 under [common] section in platformio.ini:

# platformio.ini
; default_envs = esp07
default_envs = d1_mini
lib_deps =
  #For Dallas sensor uncomment following line

Change Log

2020-09-12 * Changed to use async non-blocking implementation * Do not report erroneous low temperatures to MQTT * Disable plugin if temperature sensor not detected * Report the number of seconds until the first read in the info screen instead of sensor error 2021-04 * Adaptation for runtime configuration.

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