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Contribute to docs


You can contribute to the contents on this site as follows:

  • Create a fork
  • Edit in your fork (Commit -> workflow -> new pages)
  • Create pull request
  • See also Good to know


Edit using github

  • Clone your fork (
  • Create a branch in your fork if you want to create a pull request for changes in that branch only
  • Make edits in your fork / branch (
  • Commit

Edit in website

Go to or if you have contributor rights

  • Navigate to the page you want to edit
  • Press edit icon

  • Edit the file

  • Images can be added by dragging them to the page (see earlier added images and videos for the syntax to be used, use width="xxx" to adjust the size)

  • Commit (see workflow after commit)

Workflow after commit

If a commit is done a workflow will be started to create the pages.

Progress can be seen in


This will take some time (about 30s)

After the workflow is completed new version of your can be found here:

Create pull request

  • Create pull request from to
  • Pull from a branch if you only want to pull the changes in that branch

Fork specific info

WLED SR not supported help is in maintenance mode and can be found here:


Above can also be done on