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What is MoonModules

What are all these acronyms?

WLED MM 0.14 (🌜) = WLED AC 0.14 + Extra features

WLED AC 0.14 = (WLED AC 0.13 + WLED SR)(2.0).

WLED SR (🎸) is for the last 2 years maintained mainly by @softhack007 and @ewowi and has been created by the legendary Andrew Tuline (🎸).

WLED AC 0.14 has been made mainly by @Aircoookie , @blazoncek , @softhack007 and @ewowi.

WLED MM is mainly maintained by @softhack007 @ewowi, @netmindz, @sören and @troy and can be considered similar to what AMG is doing to Mercedes (see


WLED MM is compatible with WLED AC (it's running on average 1 day to 1 week behind WLED AC latest build) for all features that can also be found in WLED AC.

Consider WLED MM as a possible next version of WLED AC (we submit PR's on a regular basis).


The reason WLED MM is created is that we have many ideas how to improve WLED AC but we need a "playground" to develop and mature those ideas.

WLED MM releases and daily builds are made to deploy - and are deployed - on live situations, not test bench only. Many features added to MM came from live situation feedback. Although new builds may have errors, in practice they tend to be better then earlier versions.

What's new?

Our latest work can be found here: mdev.

You can compile it yourself using PlatformIO.ini entry esp32_4MB_max or get a build from Serg74 (daily) or Wladi (periodically).

Get latest release here:

More info:







The Future ???