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WLED MoonModules Build Flags

Version at time of page update: WLEDMM 0.14.0-b15.23 - commit 244a613

Sourced by: Sören#5281
Organized and updated by: Troy#2642

Flags/functions specific to WLED MoonModules are denoted with the ☾ icon.

Basic Usage

In "my_config.h" or in the C/C++ code

For entries with no parameter, prefix with #define like #define WLED_DEBUG

For entries with a numeric parameter, use the syntax of #define LEDPIN 16

For non-numeric entries use quotes like #define WLED_AP_SSID "MY-WLED-AP"

In "platformio.ini" or "platformio_override.ini"

For items with no parameter, prefix with -D like -D WLED_DEBUG

For entries with a numeric parameter, use the syntax of -D LEDPIN=16

For non-numeric entries use both types of quotes like -D SERVERNAME='"WLED-C3"'

The Long List of Flags

Common WLED buildflags

Flag Description
WLED_RELEASE_NAME Sets the internal release name of the build. Also used to set bin filenames in PlatformIO builds.
WLED_MAX_USERMODS defaults to 4 on esp8266 and 6 on ESP32
WLED_MAX_BUSSES defaults to 3 on esp8266, 10 on esp32 without AR, 8 on esp32 with AR, 6 on ESP32S3, 6 esp32S2 with AR, 7 on esp32s2 without AR, 3 on ESP32C3
WLED_MAX_BUTTONS defaults to 2 on esp8266 and 4 on esp32
WLED_MAX_LEDMAPS defaults to 10 on esp8266 and 156 on esp32
MAX_LEDS defaults to 1664 on esp8266 and 8192 on esp32
MAX_LED_MEMORY defaults to 4000 on esp8266 and 32000 on esp32C3 and esp32S2, 64000 on ESP32 and ESP32S3
MAX_LEDS_PER_BUS defaults to 2048
WLED_USE_ETHERNET enables Ethernet support
ABL_MILLIAMPS_DEFAULT 0 to disable minimum is 250, defaults to 850
WLED_PWM_FREQ defaults to 880 on esp8266 and 19531 on esp32
LEDPIN defaults to GPIO2 on esp8266 and GPIO16 on esp32
WLED_ENABLE_DMX Enables hardware DMX input/output functions
DEFAULT_LED_COUNT defaults to 30
HW_PIN_SCL defaults to SCL value
HW_PIN_SDA defaults to SDA value
WLED_USE_REAL_MATH use math and not lookuptables
DATA_PINS defaults to LEDPIN
WLED_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT set the whatchdog timout in milliseconds, default to 0 (deactivated)
WLED_DISABLE_BROWNOUT_DET disables ESP32 brownout detector (off by default)
CLIENT_SSID Sets the default WiFi SSID to connect to
CLIENT_PASS Sets the default WiFi password to connect with
WLED_AP_SSID Sets the name of the internal WiFI AP
WLED_AP_PASS Set the default password for the internal WiFi AP
SPIFFS_EDITOR_AIRCOOOKIE If you are not using the Aircoookie fork of the ESPAsyncWebserver library and using upstream, puts your WiFi password at risk of being served by the filesystem. Comment out this error message to build regardless.
WLED_VERSION defaults to "dev"
BTNPIN Sets the first button pin GPIO
RLYPIN Sets the relay GPIO
RLYMDE 1=active high, 0= active low
IRPIN Sets the IR receiver GPIO
SERVERNAME defaults to "WLED"
WLED_DEBUG_HOST to send debug messages over network to host 192.168.x.y - FQDN is also possible
WLED_DEBUG_PORT defaults to 7868
WLED_AP_SSID_UNIQUE Adds the MAC address to the WLED AP SSID if enabled, so everything doen't show up as "WLED-AP"
WLED_DEBUG Turns on debug messages to the serial console
LED_BUILTIN Fix for turning off onboard LED breaking bus
WLED_USE_IC_CCT ...something about how LED strips with warm+cool white LEDS work
WLED_MAX_CCT_BLEND How warm and cool white RGBWW LEDs are managed
WLED_ADD_EEPROM_SUPPORT Enable saving key settings to EEPROM (actually 512 bytes of Flash memory, not literal EEPROM)
ESP32_DATA_IDLE_HIGH If enabled, RMT idle level is set to HIGH when off to prevent leakage current when using an N-channel MOSFET to toggle LED power
WLED_ENABLE_SIMPLE_UI Enables a simplified web UI. Used mostly on small devices like the ES8266
WLED_ENABLE_MQTT Enables WLED to send internals and usermod data via MQTT
WLED_ENABLE_JSONLIVE peek LED output via /json/live (WS binary peek is always enabled)
WLED_DEBUG_FS filesystem specific debugging
WLED_DEBUG_IMPROV Debugging for Improv serial
WLED_ENABLE_LOXONE Enable Loxone support
WLED_ENABLE_ADALIGHT Enables AdaLight support
WLED_DEBUG_NTP Enable NTP debugging
WLED_ENABLE_PIXART Enable new PixArt support


Flag Description
BOARD_HAS_PSRAM Enables PSRAM during compilation. Board needs to have PSRAM, not all of them do.
WLED_USE_PSRAM Uses PSRAM for several functions. Often slows down LEDs.
WLED_USE_PSRAM_JSON ☾ Uses PSRAM only for the JSON decoding buffer. Does not slow down LEDs. This setting also increases JSON_BUFFER_SIZE from 24576 to 60000 when enabled on ESP32 and ESP32-S3 (and 48000 on ESP32-S2 and -C3), allowing for bigger LED remapping files.

MoonModules ☾ Specific Flags

Artifx ☾

Flag Description
ARTI_DEBUG Enables ArtiFX debug
ARTI_ANDBG ArtiFX debugging
ARTI_RUNLOG if set on arduino this will create massive amounts of output (as ran in a loop)
ARTI_PRINT will show the printf calls
ARTI_ERRORWARNING shows lexer, parser, analyzer and interpreter errors
ARTI_MEMORY to do analyses of memory usage, trace memoryleaks (works only on arduino)
OPTIMIZED_TREE Optimized tree function for ArtiFX

Pinmanager ☾

Flag Description
SOC_ADC_CHANNEL_NUM Sets ADC0 or ADC1 for I2C functions
MPU6050_INT_GPIO Sets the interrupt pin for the MPU6050. Also uses I2C. Does not work when Four Line Display is enabled.

Internals ☾

Flag Description
WLED_DEBUG_MATH Prints out results of some more complex math functions to the serial console.

MoonModules Usermods ☾

Flag Description
USERMOD_MPU6050_IMU Enables the Motion Processing Unit - MPU6050
ARTIFX Enables the runtime effects scripting interperter
WEATHER Enables the weather display usermod
USERMOD_GAMES Enables effects/games that use the MPU6050 chip
USERMOD_FASTLED Enables extra effects with a Creative Commons license. Do not enable this if using WLED in a for-profit manner.

Generic WLED Flags

WLED Usermods

Flag Description
USERMOD_BATTERY usermod_v2_Battery.h
USERMOD_SHT usermod_sht.h
USERMOD_SN_PHOTORESISTOR usermod_sn_photoresistor.h
USERMOD_PWM_FAN usermod_PWM_fan.h
USERMOD_BUZZER usermod_v2_buzzer.h
USERMOD_SENSORSTOMQTT usermod_v2_SensorsToMqtt.h
USERMOD_PIRSWITCH usermod_PIR_sensor_switch.h
USERMOD_MODE_SORT usermod_v2_mode_sort.h
USERMOD_BH1750 usermod_BH1750.h
USERMOD_BME280 usermod_bme280.h
USERMOD_FOUR_LINE_DISPLAY usermod_v2_four_line_display.h
USERMOD_ROTARY_ENCODER_UI usermod_v2_rotary_encoder_ui.h
USE_ALT_DISPlAY Alt versions of the two above instead of normal. You likely want to use this if you are using the above two features.
USERMOD_AUTO_SAVE usermod_v2_auto_save.h
USERMOD_DHT usermod_dht.h
USERMOD_VL53L0X_GESTURES usermod_vl53l0x_gestures.h
USERMOD_MULTI_RELAY usermod_multi_relay.h
USERMOD_RTC usermod_rtc.h
USERMOD_ELEKSTUBE_IPS usermod_elekstube_ips.h
USERMOD_ROTARY_ENCODER_BRIGHTNESS_COLOR usermod_rotary_brightness_color.h
RGB_ROTARY_ENCODER rgb-rotary-encoder.h
USERMOD_ST7789_DISPLAY ST7789_Display.h
USERMOD_SEVEN_SEGMENT usermod_v2_seven_segment_display.h
USERMOD_SSDR usermod_seven_segment_reloaded.h
USERMOD_CRONIXIE usermod_cronixie.h
QUINLED_AN_PENTA quinled-an-penta.h
USERMOD_WORDCLOCK usermod_v2_word_clock.h
USERMOD_MY9291 usermode_MY9291.h
USERMOD_SI7021_MQTT_HA usermod_si7021_mqtt_ha.h
USERMOD_SMARTNEST usermod_smartnest.h
USERMOD_PING_PONG_CLOCK usermod_v2_ping_pong_clock.h
USERMOD_ADS1115 usermod_ads1115.h
USERMOD_PWM_OUTPUTS usermod_pwm_outputs.h
SD_ADAPTER usermod_sd_card.h
USERMOD_KLIPPER_PERCENTAGE usermod_v2_klipper_percentage.h

Disable Features

Flag Description
WLED_DISABLE_OTA Disables the feature to update firmware over the web interface. OTA is not possible for boards with 2MB flash only (like some Ai-Thinker ESP32-C3-12F models).
WLED_DISABLE_ALEXA Disables Amazon Alexa support
WLED_DISABLE_HUESYNC Disables the Philips Hue support
WLED_DISABLE_INFRARED Disables Infrared support - also useful to add lib_ignore = IRremoteESP8266 to your platformio.ini or platformio_override.ini file
WLED_DISABLE_WEBSOCKETS Disables the websockets
WLED_DISABLE_MQTT Disables MQTT support. Warning: This may break your build unless you disable several other things as well.
WLED_DISABLE_SOUND Disables sound features... but why would you do that? :D
WLED_DISABLE_2D Disables 2D Features
WLED_DISABLE_LOXONE Disable Loxone support

Audio Responsive build flags

Flag Description
SR_SQUELCH Sets the default squelch setting. Recommend 10
SR_GAIN Sets the defauly gain setting. Recommend 40
AUDIOPIN Analog audio pin
SR_DMTYPE 0=none/disabled/analog ; 1=generic I2S
I2S_SDPIN Default I2S sd/data/dout input pin
I2S_WSPIN Default I2S ws/clk/lrck pin
I2S_CKPIN Default I2S sck/bclk pin
MCLK_PIN Default I2S master clock/mclk pin
I2S_USE_16BIT_SAMPLES Use if I2S input are already 16-bit. Likely not the case for most setups.
ES7243_SDAPIN I2C SDA pin for ES7243 boards
ES7243_SCLPIN I2C SCL pin for ES7243 boards
ES7243_ADDR Sets the ES7243 I2c address. Default is usually correct.
ES8388_ADDR Sets the ES8388 I2C address. Default is usually correct.
SR_DEBUG Turns on sound-reactive specific debug messages
UM_AUDIOREACTIVE_USE_NEW_FFT Turns on the new FFT code. ☾ Should be the default currently in most builds.
MIC_LOGGER Turns on mic logging for debug purposes. You may be able to graph this output.
FFT_SAMPLING_LOG FFT sampling debug log.
I2S_USE_RIGHT_CHANNEL Tells I2S to use the right channel. Defaults to the left.
I2S_SAMPLE_DOWNSCALE_TO_16BIT Enabled by default unless I2S_USE_16BIT_SAMPLES is defined.

Battery usermod

Flag Description
USERMOD_BATTERY_MEASUREMENT_PIN Pin to measure the voltage, defaults to GPIO35 on ESP32 and A0 on ESP8266
USERMOD_BATTERY_MEASUREMENT_INTERVAL Interval to measure voltage in ms, defaults to 30s
USERMOD_BATTERY_MIN_VOLTAGE Minimal voltage in volt, defaults to 3.2V if use lipo and min voltage is not set, if min voltage is not set and use lipo is set the dafault is 2.6V
USERMOD_BATTERY_USE_LIPO Use LiPo discharge curve calculations
USERMOD_BATTERY_MAX_VOLTAGE Max voltage in volt, defaults to 4.2V if not set
USERMOD_BATTERY_TOTAL_CAPACITY capacity in mAh defaults to 3100mAh if not set
USERMOD_BATTERY_CALIBRATION offset or calibration value to fine tune the calculated voltage
USERMOD_BATTERY_AUTO_OFF_ENABLED auto-off feature, defaults to true
USERMOD_BATTERY_AUTO_OFF_THRESHOLD Percentage theshold to turn power off
USERMOD_BATTERY_LOW_POWER_INDICATOR_ENABLED low power indication feature, defaults to true
USERMOD_BATTERY_LOW_POWER_INDICATOR_PRESET preset to use when low power threshold is hit - defaults to 0

BH1750 usermod

Flag Description
USERMOD_BH1750_MAX_MEASUREMENT_INTERVAL the max frequency to check photoresistorin milliseconds, 10 seconds
USERMOD_BH1750_MIN_MEASUREMENT_INTERVAL the min frequency to check photoresistor in milliseconds, 500 ms
USERMOD_BH1750_FIRST_MEASUREMENT_AT how many milliseconds after boot to take first measurement, 10 seconds
USERMOD_BH1750_OFFSET_VALUE only report if differance grater than offset value, default 1

BOBlight usermod

Flag Description
BOB_PORT Boblight port, defaults to 19333

Buzzer usermod

Flag Description
USERMOD_BUZZER_PIN Buzzer pin, defaults to GPIO32

DHT usermod

Flag Description
USERMOD_DHT_DHTTYPE 11=DHT 11, 21=DHT 21, 22:DHT 22 (AM2302), AM2321 *** default
USERMOD_DHT_MEASUREMENT_INTERVAL the frequency to check sensorin milliseconds, 1 minute
USERMOD_DHT_FIRST_MEASUREMENT_AT how many seconds after boot to take first measurementin milliseconds, 90 seconds
USERMOD_DHT_PIN defaults to 21 onm ESP32 and 4 on esp8266
USERMOD_DHT_MQTT Publish measurements to the MQTT broker
USERMOD_DHT_STATS For debug, report delay stats
USERMOD_DHT_CELSIUS Display temperatures in Celcius

BME280 usermod

Flag Description
Celsius Display temperatures in Celcius

Enclosure usermod

Flag Description
Celsius Display temperatures in Celcius


Flag Description
MQTTSWITCHINVERT invert the switch pins, default all active high
MQTTSWITCHDEFAULTS default behavior, default all off

Multi Relay usermod

Flag Description
MULTI_RELAY_PINS defaults to -1

MY92XX usermod

Flag Description
DEBUG_MY92XX Enable Debug

PIR usermod

Flag Description
PIR_SENSOR_PIN defaults to GPIO23 on ESP32 and GPIO13 on ESP8266
PIR_SENSOR_OFF_SEC in milliseconds, defaults to 600ms

PWM Fan usermod

Flag Description
TACHO_PIN defaults to -1
PWM_PIN defaults to -1

PWM OUTPUT usermod

Flag Description

Photoresistor usermod

Flag Description
USERMOD_SN_PHOTORESISTOR_MEASUREMENT_INTERVAL the frequency to check photoresistor in milliseconds, 10 seconds
USERMOD_SN_PHOTORESISTOR_FIRST_MEASUREMENT_AT how many milliseconds after boot to take first measurement, 10 seconds
USERMOD_SN_PHOTORESISTOR_OFFSET_VALUE only report if differance grater than offset value, defaults to 5

SD card usermod

Flag Description
WLED_USE_SD_MMC Use when SD card is connected via MMC
WLED_USE_SD_SPI Use when SD card is connected via SPI. Use the usermode page to set SPI pins
SD_ADAPTER Enables SD card functionality.

ST7790 usermod

Flag Description
USER_SETUP_LOADED Detects if an external user setup file for the display was used in the library code itself
ST7789_DRIVER Enables ST7789 driver
TFT_WIDTH TFT display width
TFT_HEIGHT TFT display height
TFT_MOSI Display MOSI pin
TFT_SCLK Display SCLK pin
TFT_DC Display DC pin
TFT_RST Display reset pin
LOAD_GLCD Font 1. Original Adafruit 8 pixel font needs ~1820 bytes in FLASH. Default enabled.
LOAD_FONT2 Font 2. Small 16 pixel high font, needs ~3534 bytes in FLASH, 96 characters
LOAD_FONT4 Font 4. Medium 26 pixel high font, needs ~5848 bytes in FLASH, 96 characters
LOAD_FONT6 Font 6. Large 48 pixel font, needs ~2666 bytes in FLASH, only characters 1234567890:-.apm
LOAD_FONT7 Font 7. 7 segment 48 pixel font, needs ~2438 bytes in FLASH, only characters 1234567890:.
LOAD_FONT8 Font 8. Large 75 pixel font needs ~3256 bytes in FLASH, only characters 1234567890:-.
LOAD_FONT8N Font 8. Alternative to Font 8 above, slightly narrower, so 3 digits fit a 160 pixel TFT
LOAD_GFXFF FreeFonts. Include access to the 48 Adafruit_GFX free fonts FF1 to FF48 and custom fonts
TFT_BL Display backlight pin

Stairway whipe usermod

Flag Description
STAIRCASE_WIPE_OFF If enabled, fade out versus doing a reverse wipe in the effect

Temperature usermod

Flag Description
TEMPERATURE_PIN defaults to 18 on ESP32 and 14 on ESP8266
USERMOD_DALLASTEMPERATURE_MEASUREMENT_INTERVAL the frequency to check temperature in milliseconds, 1 minute

TTGO T-Display

Flag Description
TFT_DISPOFF defaults to 0x28
TFT_SLPIN defaults to 0x10

autosave usermod

Flag Description
AUTOSAVE_AFTER_SEC in seconds, default 15s
AUTOSAVE_PRESET_NUM defaults to 250
USERMOD_AUTO_SAVE_ON_BOOT defaults to false

four line display usermod

Flag Description
FLD_PIN_SCL defaults to i2c_scl value
FLD_PIN_SDA defaults to i2c_sda value
FLD_PIN_CLOCKSPI defaults to spi_sclk value
FLD_PIN_DATASPI defaults to spi_mosi value
FLD_PIN_CS defaults to spi_cs value
FLD_PIN_DC defaults to 19 on esp32 and 12 on esp8266
FLD_PIN_RESET defaults to 26 on esp32 and 16 on esp8266
FLD_TYPE defaults to SSD1306 or SSD1306_SDI if FLD_SPI_DEFAULT is set

four line display alt usermod

Flag Description
FLD_PIN_SCL defaults to i2c_scl value
FLD_PIN_SDA defaults to i2c_sda value
FLD_PIN_CLOCKSPI defaults to spi_sclk value
FLD_PIN_DATASPI defaults to spi_mosi value
FLD_PIN_CS defaults to spi_cs value
FLD_PIN_DC defaults to 19 on esp32 and 12 on esp8266
FLD_PIN_RESET defaults to 26 on esp32 and 16 on esp8266
FLD_TYPE defaults to SSD1306 or SSD1306_SDI if FLD_SPI_DEFAULT is set

encoder usermod

Flag Description
ENCODER_DT_PIN defaults to 12
ENCODER_CLK_PIN defaults to 14
ENCODER_SW_PIN defaults to 13

encoder alt usermod

Flag Description
ENCODER_DT_PIN defaults to 12
ENCODER_CLK_PIN defaults to 14
ENCODER_SW_PIN defaults to 13

VL53L0X usermod

Flag Description
VL53L0X_MAX_RANGE_MM max range in millimeters to react for motions, defaults to 230
VL53L0X_MIN_RANGE_OFFSET minimal range in millimeters that sensor can detect. Used in long motions to correct brightness calculation, defaults to 60
VL53L0X_DELAY_MS how often to get data from sensor, defaults to 100
VL53L0X_LONG_MOTION_DELAY_MS switch onto "long motion" action after this delay,defaults to 1000