Fork comparison

What are the differences between WLED SR, upstream AC WLED, and MoonModules fork?

Feature WLED SR 0.13 MoonModules WLED 0.14 Upstream WLED 0.14
0.14 architecture No Yes (upstream frequently merged) Yes
Usermods have own pages in main config menu Audio Reactive only Yes No
Segments 2D aware No (XY calculated, mirror not working) Yes Yes
Audio reactive Core Usermod Usermod
Microphone Profiles No Yes No
Audio dynamics limiter No Yes Yes
High Definition audio analysis, 32 channel GEQ No Yes (WIP) for ESP32 and ESP32-S3 No
ARTI-FX Yes Yes No
Expand 1D effects No Yes (+ JMap, Circle and Block) Yes
Extended hw info basic Yes No
JSON Mapping on 1D effects No Yes No
Games usermod (3D to 2D, gyro) No Yes (WIP) No
Weather usermod (syncing internet data) No Yes (WIP) No
HB effects Fully supported 80% supported (WIP) Not supported
classic ESP32 Yes Yes Yes
ESP32-S3 No Yes Experimental
ESP32-S2 and ESP32-C3 No Experimental Experimental
ESP8266 No Yes but no Audio Reactive Yes but no Audio Reactive
Bin Awareness Yes Yes No
Audioreactive palettes Yes Yes No
Extended mic settings in platformIO No Yes No
DMX Input No Yes No