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Release notes v0.14.0-b15

Example mapping library for Rings, Cubes and Clouds

2 April 2023

Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 12 13 30 Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 12 15 56 Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 12 19 27 Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 12 20 12

Get them here, upload the presets.json to have them all as presets: MoonModules/WLED-Effects/Ledmaps

MM Usermods have their own icon

2 April 2023

Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 10 31 36

And (therefore) shown on top

Tablet PC Mode support and UI graphics refactor

24 March 2023

Better sort of presets

23 March 2023

simplify sort to better align with quick load labels (sort first) and ir remotes using id (sort after presets)


Athom WLED Music Controller support

21 March 2023


  • show flashsize in info tab and /getflash
  • support of their ir-remote (24-key music)
  • Legacy PDM type to support their Mic characteristics, tuned by Softhack007
  • Support of 4 line display modification (see picture)
  • athom_music_esp32_4MB_M.bin fully preconfigured for Athom pins and 4LD usermod
  • Not supported yet: mac addres in AP name (need to experiment with WLED_AP_SSID_UNIQUE)
  • Customize IR remote to 0.14


Sound reactive experimental settings

17 March 2023


  • MicLevel: a new idea how to prevent intermediate "dropouts" when playing music. Its not perfect, but will stabilize effects. The idea (picture below) is to "freeze" the level threshold (red line) at the first volume "dropdown". After freezing, the Volume signal will have a stable "baseline". Freezing is unlocked after 8 seconds of silence. Freeze makes a huge difference on GEQ (surprised). Made it a lot more "stable


  • FreqDist: set to rightshift to move the frequency bands a bit to the right in case most activity is on the left side.

  • FreqRMS: set to "on" to activate a different method for averaging higher frequencies, called "RMS" - it preserves peaks better. Downside: could lead to "overshooting" in GEQ, as our mic profiles are not adjusted to it yet.

File System in settings menu

17 March 2023


GEQ Smooth Bars

7 March 2023

New option to the GEQ effect: smooth bars. It's intended for matrices with >24 columns, where you would see a "staircase" effect because we only have 16 frequency channels. With the new option enabled, it looks like more channels are availeable and stairs are smoothed out.


and also smooth colors:

Ledmap properties

1 March 2023


See Advanced/Mapping/0.14 MM

Example: Ring Map

Aditional info in info tab

27 Februari 2023


Manage NetDebug / NetPrint in settings

24 Februari 2023

NetDebug is called NetPrint in WLEDMM as it is not only used for debut as we have USER_PRINT. It just prints to the network, hence the name.

No need to specify ip address and port in platformio.ini and therefor hardcode in bin/esp32 (but can be set to default). Go to Sync Interfaces / Net Print and specify there. Set output to network pressing Net Print in the info tab (default off after reboot value is saved in cfg.json - bug: not always set correctly after reboot - wip).



Bins WLEDMM_0.14.0-b2.19_esp32_4MB_M_debug and WLEDMM_0.14.0-b2.19_esp32_16MB_M_debug have NetPrint enabled by default. To do: check if NetPrint can be enabled in all bins (without performance/network consequences), also when WLED_DEBUG is off to catch Serial output.

March 8: All _M and _XL bins have NetPrint enabled by default (but not WLED_DEBUG): User info (using USER_PRINT) can be send to network

2D Ledmaps

  • segment names
  • default ledmaps
  • show in segments
  • persistant storage
  • No reboot necessary if upload new ledmaps

Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 13 04 01

Segment visualization

  • support mirror, reverse, transpose
  • support grouping and spacing
  • multi segment support

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 10 18 53Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 16 14 56

2D setup: basic and advanced

2D setup: Panel visualization

  • Reset segments only bounds, keep effect etc.

Gradient Random cycle palette


The first one will change colors smoothly, the second one will change colors every 5 seconds.


  • default pins -1
  • Analog pins in dropdown
  • D0-D8, RX, TX info in dropdowns
  • Any gpio on 8266

Audio reactive optimizations

Generate presets

Pin drop downs support read only and reserved pins

January 14, 2023

Screenshot 2023-01-14 at 18 42 14

For more information see This page is shown if you press here:

Generate presets and playlists

January 12, 2023

Generate presets of all effects and group them together in playlists for 1D or 2D, Volume or FFT, combinations or all

Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 15 29 50

I2C and SPI pins make over

Januari 9, 2023

We were not happy how currently pins are managed. It raises questions in discord we could not answer so we decided to refactor it. It's not easy as a lot is interconnected but we made the first steps:

  • Drop down for pin variables (see below)
  • Rebuild the usermods (pins) settings screen so it works the same
  • create _all bin files with a lot of usermods in it so we can test and improve
  • do not reset ui variables if something is wrong (e.g. 4ld/type, enabled)
  • use errorMessage instead and show errormessage in settings ui
  • if global pins are -1, then there is no initialization of spi/i2c if usermods set pins to use global no initialisation
  • HLD_PIN_* variables are used in platformio to specify defaults for global pins, no use of the recent introduced new variables I2CSDAPIN (etc) as causes more confusion, HLD_PIN serve these function and is used instead,
  • HW_PIN_DATASPI and HW_PIN_MOSISPI both existed but is one pin, merged to HW_PIN_MOSISPI as MOSI and MISO is both data
  • i2c_scl (etc) variables are used in usermods without if -1 then HLD_PIN check, i2c_scl (etc) most be proper initialized before it can be used.
  • No hijacking of global vars (giving them a value) in usermods
  • Don't register pins if usermod is not enabled
  • create pinManager.joinWire and use as simplified way in usermods

This will be work in progress the coming weeks to implement in usermods (AudioReactive and 4LD working, others likely working but must be tested)

Overview of usermods available in _all bins:

Screenshot 2023-01-08 at 15 13 00