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Human Sized Cube


Idea, design and first build by @troy


  • Black numbers: GPIO pins (can be replaced by another set of pins)
  • Red numbers: Panels: 1..4 are the side panels, 5 is the top panel

  • result: insta


tuned for HSC by @softhack007 and @ewowi

  • Use WLED MM latest
  • _S is in theory the most stable but _M works fine as well
  • Tested with wemos_shield_esp32_16MB_S and wemos_shield_esp32_16MB_M

Led configuration


  • With unlimited brightness estimated current is 15A
  • When using Serg74 Wemos shield max current of 10A should be used. In practice brightness is about the same


  • Match the gpio pins with the sides / pins in above image
  • Note: Panel numbering starts at 1


  • Uncheck global led buffer, although it should work, this is the main reason for crashes. If unchecked VERY stable.

2D setup


  • Setup as 5 horizontal panels (advanced setup) so of no ledmap is used, effects run smooth on the sides (top is the 5th panel)

  • First two panels start top right, rest top left, see above image

  • Note: Panel numbering starts at 0

Config, presets and ledmaps

  • Can be found here

  • cfg.json can be used to create above setup

  • presets.json contains a set of well tested presets

  • ledmap1.json and ledmap2.json are used in effects

  • import using /edit

Fork specific info

Feature WLED SR 0.13 MoonModules WLED 0.14 Upstream WLED 0.14
Ledmaps Yes Yes Yes