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Web GUI Sitemap

This is the sitemap of the module server. Access with \<ESP-IP>/path (Example:

Path Description OTA rights required Since version
/ Default UI, index page No 0.2
/update Upload new firmware Yes 0.3
/win HTTP Request API (since 0.3) No 0.3
/json JSON API No 0.8.4
/json/state JSON state object No 0.8.4
/json/info JSON information No 0.8.4
/json/eff Effect name list No 0.8.4
/json/pal Palette name list No 0.8.4
/json/live Current colors of LEDs No 0.9.0
/liveview Live preview of current LEDs No 0.9.0
/settings Settings index page No 0.2
/settings/wifi WiFi Settings page Cnfg 0.5.0
/settings/led LED Settings page No 0.5.0
/settings/ui UI Settings page No 0.5.0
/settings/sync Sync Settings page No 0.5.0
/settings/time Time Settings page No 0.5.0
/settings/sec Security Settings page Yes 0.5.0
/welcome New User Welcome page No 0.5.0
/sliders UI, index page No 0.5.0
/reset Reboot module No 0.3
/version Returns build version No 0.3
/uptime Returns runtime in ms No 0.4
/freeheap Returns free memory No 0.4
/favicon.ico Page icon No 0.2
/teapot :) No 0.5.0
/edit Filesystem editor Yes 0.2
/u Custom usermod page 0.8.4 (?)
/cpal.htm Custom palette editor 0.14.0-b3
/pixart.htm 2D Pixel Art converter (not compiled by default) 0.14.0-b3
/pxmagic.htm 2D Image converter 0.14.0-b4

Removed sites

Path Description OTA rights required Versions
/list Lists SPIFFS contents (if USEFS) Yes 0.2-0.8.3
/easter Joke page No 0.6.2 only
/power Returns an estimate of used LED current No 0.5.0-0.8.3
/build Returns details about the build No 0.5.0-0.8.3
/cleareeprom Resets to factory defaults Yes 0.3-0.6.4
/down Kills software. Hard reset required. Yes 0.3-0.6.4
/url Returns current light setup API url No 0.9.1-0.14.0-b3