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Release notes v0.14.0-b1

December 23, 2022


  • show pins which are in use (not selectable)
  • excludes pins which may not be used (e.g. for 4ld/mclk variable)
  • use global pins option
  • undefined option

Currently implemented for AudioReactive and 4LineDisplay (tested) and all usermods which uses pin variables (testing in progress)

December 21, 2022

MoonModules pages (wich is a fork of upstream pages) is now linked to and is integrated in MoonModules WLED.

Usermod specific help

December 19, 2022


This goes to

Also added in Weather usermod and four line display usermod (pages wip)


December 5, 2022 In 0.14 ledmaps are only supported for 1D. This fix makes it work for 2D in WLED MM.

ARTI-FX improvements

November 29, 2022

ARTI-FX improvements: - Simplified presets.json (can be downloaded directly into WLED MM in ARTI-FX editor screen) - some bug fixes to let ARTI-FX run better on 2D

And combining ARTI-FX with 1D expansions gives great results and makes ARTI-FX very well performing on large 2D matrices!!!

This is color_fade_pulse (by @atuline) with Circles expansion:

Improved lay-out usermod settings

November 20, 2022

Grouping and pre-post texts in usermod settings (to make it more readable)


Audioreactive palettes

November 19, 2022

by NetMindz


Extended mic settings in platformIO

November 18, 2022


allowing to create mic specific environments:


Bin Aware Builds

October 28, 2022

Upload hardware specific configs based on generated filenames (=> WLED install is aware of underlying hardware).

Ultimate goal of bin awareness is that WLED itself says: hey! I found a new update for you, do you want to install?




(esp32mdev -> esp32_4MB_min. esp32mdevmax -> esp32_4MB_max / esp32_16MB_max)



(0.14.0. sequence of upstream commit . sequence of mm commit (need to be updated together with build date)





(WLED install is aware of the filename of it's bin, WLEDMM_0. in this example)



(Serg and Wladi repo's should use the same names)

OTA latest release

October 25, 2022

Manual OTA Update is showing the latest MoonModules/WLED release and clicking on the version icon jumps to the release pages on Github, links to Serg74 and Wladi builds are also shown on the release page, so Manual OTA Update will guide you to the version you need!


Add Circles and Block as 1D expansion

October 21, 2022

Add Circles and Block as 1D expansion and show virtualStrip effects with ⋮⋮

Screenshot 2022-10-21 at 12 08 29

Tetris effect with block expansion:

compatibility for SR/0.13 presets

October 20, 2022

Thanks to 'renumbered effect ID's back to WLED SR 0.13 numbering': Add compatibility for SR/0.13 presets. This allows HB effects to be run on 0.14, however this shows that there are some shortcomings in 0.14: e.g. lissajoux not working as at should and overlapping segments not working (e.g. Akemi from Hell): November update: Lissajoux, Akemi from Hell (and others) fixed, overlapping segments working now. Check this in Led Preferences:


(To see them fully working: load them into WLEDSR 0.13!)

To upload HR effects put effects / presets.json in /edit

To start creating your own multiple segment effects put base / presets.json in /edit

Presets.json files are here

renumbered effect ID's back to WLED SR 0.13 numbering

October 16, 2022

Important update: renumbered effect ID's back to WLED SR 0.13 numbering so WLED (SR) 0.13 is compatible with MoonModules 0.14 for presets and sync between devices


Extra hardware info on Info tab

October 13, 2022


Refactored JSON Mapping

October 1, 2022

smaller memory footprint so larger mappings can be used, e.g. Snake32:

Files are here: JSONMappings

Games usermod additions

September 27, 2022

Added to games usermod:

3D to 2D mapping

Adding Frame3D class which takes a 3D coordinate and maps this to 2D matrix (using addEffect(), setPixelColor(floats) and drawLine() added in 0.14 version)

image = image

3D + Gyro

Refactoring USERMOD_MPU6050_IMU (so that it works!) using latest ElectronicCats/mpu6050 library Embedding this usermod in games usermod and use yaw pitch and roll in Frame3D class

image + image =