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MPU-6050 Six-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer) Driver

v2 of this usermod enables connection of a MPU-6050 IMU sensor to work with effects controlled by the orientation or motion of the WLED Device.

The MPU6050 has a built in "Digital Motion Processor" which does the "heavy lifting" integrating the gyro and accelerometer measurements to get potentially more useful gravity vector and orientation output.

It is fairly straightforward to comment out variables being read from the device if they're not needed. Saves CPU/Memory/Bandwidth.


As a memento to a long trip I was on, I built an icosahedron globe. I put lights inside to indicate cities I travelled to.

I wanted to integrate an IMU to allow either on-board, or off-board effects that would react to the globes orientation. See the blog post on building it or a video demo .

Adding Dependencies

I2Cdev and MPU6050 must be installed.

To install them, add ElectronicCats/MPU6050 @ 0.6.0 to lib_deps in the platformio.ini file.

For example:

lib_compat_mode = soft
lib_deps =
    Esp Async WebServer@1.2.0
    ElectronicCats/MPU6050 @ 0.6.0


The connections needed to the MPU6050 are as follows:

  VCC     VU (5V USB)   Not available on all boards so use 3.3V if needed.
  GND     G             Ground
  SCL     D1 (GPIO05)   I2C clock
  SDA     D2 (GPIO04)   I2C data
  XDA     not connected
  XCL     not connected
  AD0     not connected
  INT     D8 (GPIO15)   Interrupt pin

You could probably modify the code not to need an interrupt, but I used the setup directly from the example.


This code adds:

    "Quat":        [w, x, y, z],
    "Euler":       [psi, theta, phi],
    "Gyro":        [x, y, z],
    "Accel":       [x, y, z],
    "RealAccel":   [x, y, z],
    "WorldAccel":  [x, y, z],
    "Gravity":     [x, y, z],
    "Orientation": [yaw, pitch, roll]
to the info object

Usermod installation

  1. Register the usermod by adding #include "usermod_mpu6050_imu.h" in the top and registerUsermod(new MPU6050Driver()); in the bottom of usermods_list.cpp.

Example usermods_list.cpp:

#include "wled.h"

#ifdef USERMOD_MPU6050_IMU
#include "../usermods/mpu6050_imu/usermod_mpu6050_imu.h"

#ifdef USERMOD_MPU6050_IMU
  usermods.add(new MPU6050Driver());

Fork specific info



Repaired / Updated in WLED MM (AC uses old unmaintained library)